21 July, 2015

Something with marmelade and rhubarb.


I like to cook a lot, as you might have seen with my last post. When my dad and/or his wife take something home from their land and it's not enough to eat we get creative: what can we do with it? So last week they took some rhubarb home. It was (after I cleaned it) only 400 gr. (about 0,88 pound/14,1 ounce). It might have been enough to eat with potatoes for two people, but only my dad likes it that way. Not an option. Now I've made some marmelade of rhubarb last year or the year before, so I thought about it and suggested it. And so it went. I've made some rhubarb marmalade!

In the end I had three full jars with marmelade. As you can see there is a bit of air on top of the jar, I really had the idea they where filled, haha.

Here, in the Netherlands, we have special sugar to add in fruit and then cook it: gelei-suiker. Usually I take the weight of the fruit/veggies I have and add 100-150 grams extra, it depends a bit on the fruit I'm working with. For now I also added the rasp of 1 orange. It cooked for 4 minutes and afterwards I putted it those brand clean jars I had. The sugar is replaceable with other kinds of sugar/jelly products, but make sure when you want to make marmelade, you take a product that makes it marmelade and not only juice!

Love, Yvonne

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