23 July, 2015

Little piece of land...


I think it might be a good idea to show you where our fresh food comes from.

My dad and his wife spend loads of time there, to look after the veggies and fruits they've planted. They have several kinds of vegetables and fruits, such as pods, zucchini, lettuce, raspberries, potatoes, tomatoes... The list goes on and on and on, haha. In a small border, my dad's wife has planted some flowers. Sometimes she takes some home, to put on the table or in a little vase.

So many times we have enough or to much of everything. But, unless it isn't good anymore, we will use it to put in our freezer or give it away to our neighbors or family. Most of the times they are really happy with it, because if it is fresh and it's biological it tastes really good! Haha.

We have some pumpkins here, but they are still small so we haven't tried it yet. We don't do halloween or thanksgiving, so saving them for then isn't really an option, haha. They are probably going to get used for pumpkin soup or bread. 

I think I've harvested the almost the last pods. The plants are getting a bit yellowish, so they've had their longest time, I guess. Those three are of course not enough for an entire meal for three persons, but I will think of something that they come to a good use. 

There are also some tomato plants. We really like to see the tomatoes get red, but it hasn't happend yet, because of the lack of sun. We're still in the Netherlands, which might say enough of the Dutch weather, haha. There are at least two or three different kinds of tomato plants, since I brought two packs of Italian tomato seeds from Italy last year. They don't know if they like them, so they also planted some 'normal' tomato plants.

The zucchini plant is a plant to really look after, because zucchini's can be to smal one day and the next day it can be to big. The harvest time for 'the right size of zucchini' is really short. It's okay of course. 

There are also some raspberries and strawberries, there aren't many fruits, only about 5 different kinds. Not every kind of fruit is able to grow here of course, others might take to much light or space, but for instance raspberries and strawberries are fine to grow.

How do you like fresh fruit and veggies? They are my favorite!

Love, Yvonne

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