22 July, 2015

Dinner experiments pt. 1


I may have mentioned in some earlier posts that we use as much of our own veggies and fruits as possible.  Now I've made some yellow curry with pods when I was at my moms place. She still had some ingredients that needed to be used (she usually eats at her work, but had some days off), so I've made one of the most delicious curry's I've ever made!! 

I've used yellow curry paste, coco milk, chicken, pods, unions, zucchini, leek and paprika... And of course some rice! The rice I used was pandan rice, to me it's a great rice with hot dishes. This is because pandan rice is a bit milky (to me anyway). 

As usual I made to much. That Wednesday night I ate alone (my mom had to go to the hospital, to a family member, all of a sudden), but the next day we ate of it and then we still had some left, we ate it with some pancakes on Friday, haha. 

When I ate it I realized it could use some rasped cheese (the Dutch way, haha. On the other hand: you can put cheese on everything! Hahaha) or some bread with it. But that's something you'll always find out to late: when you're already eating it or when you've finished it, haha. Thankfully my mom loved it as well, she could eat 2 plates if there was more rice, haha. 

How do you like curry? 

Love, Yvonne

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