07 July, 2015

Chocolate pie


Last saturday, July 4th, I made a chocolate pie! It was delicious. What the fun part was, it was mixed with red beets and coffee! My dad and his wife (not my mom) have a little bit of land where they grow vegetables and fruits and now we try to use as much as possible of the vegetables we grow. For example, we have beets, pea pods and endive, we try to find a recipy to use as much as possible of those three vegetables. Maybe we eat something with pea pods, carrots and zichinni's. An another night we might eat endive, unions, paprika's and tomato's. Just to eat as 'much' as possible from our own land.

So July 4th we made chocolate pie with red beets and at night for dinner we ate beets and potato's from our own land.

It was:   
  • 300 gr. of pure chocolate
  • 220 gr of beets
  • 60 ml of very strong coffee
  • 5 eggs, yellow and white separated 
  • 130 gr of Sugar
  • 200 gr of butter
  • 135 gr flour
  • 3 tp cocoa powder
  • 1,25 'coffeespoon' bakingpowder
  • big pinch of salt
It was an enormous list of ingredients and the recipe looked really difficult. But while we where working on it, we found out it wasn't that difficult. 200 gr of chocolate + butter needs to be melted, beets pureed, sieve the flour, cocoa, bakingpowder and salt in a different bowl. Add the Sugar through the chocolate, get it of the gas, ad the egg yellow and beets. Egg Whites need to be stiffend, through the chocolate and as last the flour mix and the last bit of chocolate (in little pieces). Put it in a cake pan (that is greesed) and in a preheated oven (180 degrees C) for 55-60 minutes. Goes great with ice cream, yoghurt and raspberries. Keep in the fridge with warm weather (25 degrees C and up).

We eat our first piece when it was a bit hot. It tasted delicous. When it was cold it was a bit different, it still tasted great, but the chocolate was hard again so there where a bit parts in it, which made it crunchy.

When you make it, I hope you like it as much as we did here!

Love, Yvonne

Recipe: Mme ZsaZsa's book and blog

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