23 April, 2013



Last month I've told you that I was thinking about wwoofing. Well, I decided (along with my sister) to sign up at the Greek site of wwoof.org. It went very quickly, I had to donate 15 euro's (I have no clue how dollars or pounds or whatever that is, haha) which my sister helped me with (I don't have a credit card). 

So from then on I've mailed two families, they didn't answer, so today I've been sending them a message again and an another man. It is al in Greece and mostly by the sea. When you are there, you work at the land and have some spare time when you can do something on your own. I hope I get an answer back, I seriously have no clue, haha. Lets hope so! 

Well, I speak to you later.


PS: the general website of wwoof is: wwoof.org
The greek website is: wwoofgreece.org

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