25 April, 2013

Cards 1-5

Hello everyone,

I'll show you the five first cards I've received through postcrossing.com.

1. This card came from Italy and it tells you that you should eat healthy :). It has been traveling 3 days. 

2. The next card I've received came from New York, it displays a picture of the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves. It took me 6 days to get it :)

3. The sender of this sweet and pretty card came from Finland (just as the card though). It had been traveling for 6 days. I like it :).

4. This lovely postcard shows the landscape in Lithuania. It took 8 days to get from there, to my mailbox. It is a very nice view.

5. This huge card (it was really huge) shows Steyr in Austria. It shows the Michaelskirche. I was surprised by the size of it. It had been traveling 12 days. 

I hope you like it, I love the fact that they came from everywhere! What do you think about it?


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