25 April, 2013

Interior Inspiration

Hello everyone!

Well, as you may know, I really love home interiors (at Pinterest I've got a special board with it :), haha). It is such an inspiration to look how it's made and where it's made of. I've been looking around for some blogs I'd really like to show you :)

These are 3 of my favorite blogs in Dutch for now:

  1. interieurinspiratie.nl
  2. interieurblog.villadesta.nl
  3. goedinstijl.nl
Ofcourse there are many websites in Dutch I like. But most of them are from magazines. 

There are of course 3 international/English blogs I really appreciate! This might be an inspiration to all of you who love home interiors. 
  1. brightbazaarblog.com
  2. thishomesweethome.blogspot.nl
  3. pippajamesoninteriors.co.uk
Besides those, I always get inspired by notjustahouswife.net. The woman behind it makes really nice stuff herself. On Facebook I really like Different Solutions and Creative Ideas. What the main idea is, is that it gives you inspiration out of recycled stuff, people can share on those facbookpages and get inspired of the work of others. 

Where do you get your inspiration from? Let me know :).


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