25 April, 2013

Interior Inspiration

Hello everyone!

Well, as you may know, I really love home interiors (at Pinterest I've got a special board with it :), haha). It is such an inspiration to look how it's made and where it's made of. I've been looking around for some blogs I'd really like to show you :)

These are 3 of my favorite blogs in Dutch for now:

  1. interieurinspiratie.nl
  2. interieurblog.villadesta.nl
  3. goedinstijl.nl
Ofcourse there are many websites in Dutch I like. But most of them are from magazines. 

There are of course 3 international/English blogs I really appreciate! This might be an inspiration to all of you who love home interiors. 
  1. brightbazaarblog.com
  2. thishomesweethome.blogspot.nl
  3. pippajamesoninteriors.co.uk
Besides those, I always get inspired by notjustahouswife.net. The woman behind it makes really nice stuff herself. On Facebook I really like Different Solutions and Creative Ideas. What the main idea is, is that it gives you inspiration out of recycled stuff, people can share on those facbookpages and get inspired of the work of others. 

Where do you get your inspiration from? Let me know :).


Cards 1-5

Hello everyone,

I'll show you the five first cards I've received through postcrossing.com.

1. This card came from Italy and it tells you that you should eat healthy :). It has been traveling 3 days. 

2. The next card I've received came from New York, it displays a picture of the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves. It took me 6 days to get it :)

3. The sender of this sweet and pretty card came from Finland (just as the card though). It had been traveling for 6 days. I like it :).

4. This lovely postcard shows the landscape in Lithuania. It took 8 days to get from there, to my mailbox. It is a very nice view.

5. This huge card (it was really huge) shows Steyr in Austria. It shows the Michaelskirche. I was surprised by the size of it. It had been traveling 12 days. 

I hope you like it, I love the fact that they came from everywhere! What do you think about it?


24 April, 2013


Dear readers,

A while ago I've told you about the fact that I'm a member of the website postcrossing.com. I wanted them to upload them for a while, but I didn't have the change and I had to scan every card in, into my computer. Now I'm busy with it, so I'm going to show you some of the cards. I'll be showing you the five first card's I've received and where they came from. It might be fun, to see where cards where send from and how things are going. I hope you will like it :). 


23 April, 2013


Hello again, 

A couple of hours ago I've been 'telling' you that I've been sending a couple of message's to Greece about the wwoofing thing.

Tonight I've received the first response: one of them is full booked through the summer. It's such a shame. Well, I should've react earlier. Or they should've react earlier. Such a pity. 

Well, 1 down, 2 to go. Haha. Let's hope for the best!

Love, Yvonne



Last month I've told you that I was thinking about wwoofing. Well, I decided (along with my sister) to sign up at the Greek site of wwoof.org. It went very quickly, I had to donate 15 euro's (I have no clue how dollars or pounds or whatever that is, haha) which my sister helped me with (I don't have a credit card). 

So from then on I've mailed two families, they didn't answer, so today I've been sending them a message again and an another man. It is al in Greece and mostly by the sea. When you are there, you work at the land and have some spare time when you can do something on your own. I hope I get an answer back, I seriously have no clue, haha. Lets hope so! 

Well, I speak to you later.


PS: the general website of wwoof is: wwoof.org
The greek website is: wwoofgreece.org