07 February, 2013



I was thinking, since I love to cook and bake stuff, I could upload some recipes I really like and make many times. That can be dutch, but also from other countries. I really enjoy 'working' in the kitchen on dishes I like or on other recipes (like pies and stuff). 

By this I'd like to share my first recipe here. It is something Dutch I guess, my grandma used to make it for my mom and aunts when they gave birth to a kid, but I loveeee them. Where I'm talking about is Wentelteefjes. I have got noooo clue how to say it English, but it is delicious (or that's what I think).

Ingredients: 2 eggs - 250 ml milk - 1 tablespoon (15 ml.) cinnamon - 10 slices of old white bread.

What to do: Start by rapping the 2 eggs. Then mix the milk with the cinnamon. When that's done, you mix those 2 parts together. Put the sugar through it and cut the crusts from the bread slices. Put the bread in the mixture and let it soak. If it is soft you can fry in a pan with some butter in it. Once they are golden brown, you can eat them! Eet smakelijk! Enjoy your meal!

Tip: They test best when they are warm. 
Tip: You can do some sugar on it, some marmalade or honey :)
Tip: Best use bread that is a couple of days old. If you haven't got it that old: lay them 3/4 hours before making them open and turn them around every hour. 
Tip: Best use SLICES. It is easyer to bake and to control.

I hope you like it, I love it! 


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