29 January, 2013

Contact Card


I've been making/designing a contact card. I haven't been printing it yet, but I'm sure I'm going to make it when I need it. I'm giving you a screenshot of the card and the logo. 

The card:

The logo:

I like it. It's pretty colorful, but also a bit sober. It's all in the same style of colors and designed by myself. 

I'd like to get reactions from all of you! So...



Hi there!!

Last saturday I bought yarn at a local shop, it was really cheap... I always wanted to make those friendship bracelets, I'll show you what I mean:

I was looking around for a description, because I had no clou how to make them. So I searched a bit on google and I found a good description (for the people who speak dutch: Knutselsite.be, you can find a description, in dutch)

Well what you do: you take 3 or 4 pieces of yarn (about 1,5 m long.) and you just put it in to. Do not cut it!!!! That's what you see on the first image.

The second thing you do is put a knot in it, please note that there is space left to knot it around you're wrist.

The third thing you do is put them apart like this, so you can knot them the right way:

Then, the fourth step. This is pretty easy. You put the first string of yarn over the second thing of yarn, when you've done that, it goes back. You put it back underneath the same piece of yarn. You do it with every piece of yarn, until the middle, then you start on the other side, doing the same until the middle.

As last: in the middle you put those pieces of yarn together and bind it. 

Well when you've done that with every color, you can make it as long as you want. This is how it looks like! 

I really like those bracelets. I've been making a few myself and I'm just wearing them. The fun part is that they survive for a long time! My bracelets are still looking good after like an half a year!! 

What do you think about it?


28 January, 2013


Hey followers,

I'd like to share a image with you, because it's good to have some self-esteem. It is good to remember that you aren't alone, that there are people around you that care about you. They might not be in the sun, but they are always in your shadow. They support you and you've got their back. Last christmas I had a poem from my sister. It ended with: 'being here, that's where it's all about'. It made me think: we are here for a reason. Everyone, piece by piece. Where are you here for? It isn't a simple question, I don't need any answers, but think about it!

Love, Yvonne



Since a short while I've got Pinterest! Follow me there @yvonnewint92! 

Love Yvonne! 

26 January, 2013


I was making those two cakes yesterday and it was really fun! I wanted to put them together, but then it would've got to big. This is how it looks like!

Love Yvonne

25 January, 2013



Im baking a cake and its made of 2 different pieces. These are the 2 pieces where its made off, half way through backing. Haha.

Love Yvonne

23 January, 2013

Pure christmas.


Last 10 weeks (with 2 weeks of holiday in it) I worked on 2 projects at school. It was hectic, but I liked it. 

The first was 'Christmas'. The theme for this year's christmas decorations where: 'Where do YOU get inspired by?'. Since I worked with 5/6 others, we are all studying at the same school, but we aren't studying the same. Sounds kinda weird, but I'm studying to become a windowdresser, an another was studying to become a stand builder/constructer/designer, an another was studying to become an interior designer... 3 different studies, but it has the same basic. I think it was a good experience. Soooo, we had this assignment, to decorate a piece of the canteen at school. We made 4 huge letters that where forming the word 'SNOW'. The O became a snow bowl, the kind that if you shake it, the 'snow' is falling afterwards (in the O). 

Luckily I had a team mate that was a really good maker of huge objects, so he made with a few others the letters, while I was with someone else making the words on it (yes there are words on it). Those are made of stickers, printed and we had al the words stuck on, one by one. It was hell, but it turned out nicely. I'm really proud of my team mates :). 

The second project, it was braided through it. I didn't really like this part, where we had to do projects in the same amount of time, where we usually do one project. The project was called 'Pure'. We had to reuse and recycle materials (we where allowed to buy new materials, but the thought was: think about the planet, start with yourself). In the first week we all had to choose a brand that was eco-friendly or in someway good for the planet/people or anything. We got a list with brands and we where allowed to search one ourselves, so I 'searched' for an another, less famous brand. Or at least a brand that was less famous in Holland. Even though we had to work in teams, I was alone, which I didn't mind, because I could count on a friend of mine. She was unfortunately ill, so I had to do it on my own. I haven't got any pictures of the kick-off moodboard, to my regret... Well I've got some pictures of my end products. I'm going to show you just a few pictures, I'll show you more in other message's so you don't have to read more than necessary, haha.



Stand idea.

It was a weird time, but I like some aspects of what I've made. Hahaha. Well I'll tell you more in another post. Well, I'm leaving...