13 December, 2012


Hey dear readers,

A while ago I was telling about this guy I met online. I was really into him... Then on a moment we got into this enormous fight, I posted this blog which I HAD to remove in a week or other wise he'd sue me, which I obviously didn't want. So I deleted it and within a day I rewrote him a blog (also here) that it wasn't really polite (it wasn't) and we got back together... Till here it is really a sad story with a good ending. We got 'back together' as in: we'd talk and have fun and be sweet and all. I wasn't always sure why'd he had only women as friends on facebook, but I accepted it. Until today. So. I was sending one of them a message, just wondering how he'd treated her. What I found out he was really into more girls/women than 1. Then I'm not talking about 2, maybe 3 girls, but really a lot. So I kinda wanted revanche, he didn't only hurt me, but also other girls as well. We got strangled into a web full of lies... And not only from his side (but that was afterwards). I said things I shouldn't have said, I did things I shouldn't have done, but I felt (and feel) very betrayed. He wasn't true about him and I doubt if I could ever trust him the way I did. The way he seduced other girls in the beautiful things he was telling. I'm glad that I didn't fall in love that hard and I'm glad I met a very lovely girl. We trust each other and know each others feelings... It has been hurting and not only for me. If the guy reads it, please contact me through my mail, I'd like to know the truth. The real truth. 

So dear readers, what do you learn from that? Don't put always everything on the internet. Be sure that you don't fill in the names yourself. If the person, where it is about, reads it, he or she will know. I directly thought about John Mayers song Friends Lovers or Nothing (Battle Studies). He's singing: 

Now that we are over-As the loving kind-We'll be dreaming ways-To keep the good alive
Only when we want is not-A compromise-Ill be pouring tears-Into your drying eyes
Friends, lovers, or nothing-There can only be one-Friends, lovers, or nothing-We'll never be the inbetween-So give it up

With him I had all three stages and I hope the truth can be revealed and we turn into the first... but I'm not sure...

What do you think? Have you ever regretted something like this??


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