22 November, 2012



I just started a new schoolproject today and it is called Pure. It's about recycling, organic and eco-friendly stuff. For this project we had to choose a brand that was eco-friendly. So I googled on some brands that are eco friendly or so and I found Alabama Chanin. It's about using organic fabrics and everything is hand made, in Alabama, USA. I really like it, it is really focussed on DIY. Since I've always got a weak for it, it totally blowed my mind. I'll show you the website.

I've read on their blog that their website was changed in to this, I really like this. They have an online shop and they sell clothes for him and her, DIY-kits, accessories, home+living and kitchen tools. Everything looks cool and I've got the impression that everything is one of a kind. There might be one other, but it doesn't totally look the same. It makes it fun to have something of Alabama Chanin and to give it away, because you know it is never exactly the same. The next picture is the label in their clothes. The fun part is that they also make bridal dresses... It's a bit odd, but I like it!

Well, what do you think of it??

Love Yvonne

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