22 November, 2012

If this ain't make you feel good...

Hey there!

Sometimes, you've got those websites that just make you feel good. They give compliments, good ideas, little things that make you smile or let you have fun. I found some that I really want to share with you, my readers... 

So about a month ago I was surfing the web, when I got - on purpose- on a very very very nice website. It's gave (and gives) you compliments. It gives a compliment and if you feel good you click the button 'Thanks, I feel better!' or 'I still feel crappy'. On the first you got directed to another website where you can order this compliment on a poster. If you click 'I still feel crappy', you get an another compliment. The site is called Emergency Compliment (<< link!!) and you can try it! 

The second I really want to tell you about is the website Just Little Things (<<link!!), they make you remind those things that are really really nice! They make you smile, it are just little things that happen unnoticed. There will be a book published may 2013 by Perguin Group. It's called Just Little Things: A Celebration of Life's Simple Pleasures. An example of one of those little things is very recognizable for this time of the year. 

I hope you like it! 


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