14 November, 2012


Dear readers,

Since christmas is upcoming (it's just less than a month to go), I found some creative ideas to make christmas decorations. As I really like to do stuff myself (I made my own christmas tree last year - I'll show you later), I found some of the following ideas really fun to try them out myself. 

This is a really easy one! It's really nice to put them on invitations for a christmas party or to hang on doors or so. Besides that it's really easy to scale them. You can make them as big as you want, you only need more fabrics. I think, as I see it has been glued, it has been done with a glue gun as how we call it in Holland. 

Well this is the second. I think I like this one best. I actually have no idea how to make it, since wool sticks to the paper if you glue it. On the other hand if you don't glue it, it wont be able to be stiff, so it would sag and that's just a thing that should be happening. If I could find a plastic or a synthetic one I wouldn't need to make it of paper. I'm gonna look around, look if I can find a cone so I can make it. I really love it! 

I really really like this one! It's so easy to make (or that seems to me) and you can make it as colorful as you want it. It is nice in the christmas tree, just put one or 2 in and you have some original decorations. For me this is something else to try out. I really like working with beads, I've got loads of them. I guess I would be able to make some of those. Me gusta, haha.

Well the last one. I think this is a very nice idea to put christmas cards on. Its very creative and you can (just with some the other ideas) make it as huge as you want it. It could be nice as just a christmas tree on a huge wall in your house, with some other christmas decorations. 

For me, what really works, is listening to christmas music. I'm doing it since the start of october or so. I really love the atmosphere that 'hangs' around christmas. It's cosy, getting cold outside and a good reason to watch a movie at night, with a blanket and a huge mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream (I don't like whipped cream, but the idea... haha). It's a nice time to spend time with family, friends and having a good time, enjoying a warm fire at the fireplace. As I actually don't like cold weather I'm always looking out for my birthday (March 20th), which is usually the last day of the winter. Just for the christmas days I like to make an exception. It's the only time to accept snow - for me then. 

Well that's christmas for me, for now.  I think I'll show you the results if I made one or more of these ideas.

Love, Yvonne

PS. For more ideas: I found most of those ideas at the facebook page of Different Solutions, a nice 'little' company from Mexico (I think so anyway).

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