22 November, 2012



I was looking out for some nice art, that might be a little bit odd and I found an artist named Chris Labrooy. He's making art with shrink film. It looks very odd and verrryyyyy cheerful. The first picture I'm going to share with you are kind of balloons, in a factory. It makes the bool looks more fun than how it could be. Since I'm very into colors - I've always been - I really enjoy this. 

Well since he even uses daily objects (irons, vacuum cleaners) and make them different, it even makes weird looks. I wonder how the colors get into the objects. Mostly the shrink film is transparent. So, I'm going to show you how he made something different from those daily objects.

It's weird, isn't it? I think I like it, because it's odd and 'not normal'. I like 'not normal', haha. Well, how do you think about it??

xx Yvonne

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