26 November, 2012



I saw this picture crossing twitter, I'd thought it was really funny :D

Love, Yvonne

22 November, 2012



I just started a new schoolproject today and it is called Pure. It's about recycling, organic and eco-friendly stuff. For this project we had to choose a brand that was eco-friendly. So I googled on some brands that are eco friendly or so and I found Alabama Chanin. It's about using organic fabrics and everything is hand made, in Alabama, USA. I really like it, it is really focussed on DIY. Since I've always got a weak for it, it totally blowed my mind. I'll show you the website.

I've read on their blog that their website was changed in to this, I really like this. They have an online shop and they sell clothes for him and her, DIY-kits, accessories, home+living and kitchen tools. Everything looks cool and I've got the impression that everything is one of a kind. There might be one other, but it doesn't totally look the same. It makes it fun to have something of Alabama Chanin and to give it away, because you know it is never exactly the same. The next picture is the label in their clothes. The fun part is that they also make bridal dresses... It's a bit odd, but I like it!

Well, what do you think of it??

Love Yvonne



I was looking out for some nice art, that might be a little bit odd and I found an artist named Chris Labrooy. He's making art with shrink film. It looks very odd and verrryyyyy cheerful. The first picture I'm going to share with you are kind of balloons, in a factory. It makes the bool looks more fun than how it could be. Since I'm very into colors - I've always been - I really enjoy this. 

Well since he even uses daily objects (irons, vacuum cleaners) and make them different, it even makes weird looks. I wonder how the colors get into the objects. Mostly the shrink film is transparent. So, I'm going to show you how he made something different from those daily objects.

It's weird, isn't it? I think I like it, because it's odd and 'not normal'. I like 'not normal', haha. Well, how do you think about it??

xx Yvonne


Hey everybody,

Last night I posted a blog about this young man. I was writing about my feelings, about the way he treated me and it wasn't a really nice post... 

So by this, I'd like to say I'm sorry, it wasn't a really nice blog post. Don't do this at home, you'd be hurting your beloved family, friends and all your other relatives. I see the damage I did and it was WRONG. Don't do this yourself! 

I hope this was a wise lesson, so I'll promise that my next post is a happier post. 

Love Yvonne. 



Well since I'm in a total christmas mood, I'm trying to make some other christmas decorations - again. Haha. Well its kinda like this:

I have a piece of wood, I've been painting it white. When it's good white I'm going to draw a christmas tree on it and I'm gonna paint the silhouette red. I'll be adding some pins in it and I'm gonna bind some wool between it, just like the picture. 

Well it's kinda hard to explain by now. When I finished it, I'll show you. I'll ad a good description, so you could make it if you'd like it. 

Love Yvonne

If this ain't make you feel good...

Hey there!

Sometimes, you've got those websites that just make you feel good. They give compliments, good ideas, little things that make you smile or let you have fun. I found some that I really want to share with you, my readers... 

So about a month ago I was surfing the web, when I got - on purpose- on a very very very nice website. It's gave (and gives) you compliments. It gives a compliment and if you feel good you click the button 'Thanks, I feel better!' or 'I still feel crappy'. On the first you got directed to another website where you can order this compliment on a poster. If you click 'I still feel crappy', you get an another compliment. The site is called Emergency Compliment (<< link!!) and you can try it! 

The second I really want to tell you about is the website Just Little Things (<<link!!), they make you remind those things that are really really nice! They make you smile, it are just little things that happen unnoticed. There will be a book published may 2013 by Perguin Group. It's called Just Little Things: A Celebration of Life's Simple Pleasures. An example of one of those little things is very recognizable for this time of the year. 

I hope you like it! 


17 November, 2012



Well the last few days I've been blogging 2 posts. Further it was the one of the most toughest weeks of my life. My grandma died last sunday and her funeral was today (friday, 16-11). I've cried tears, unbelievable, my eyes were hurting afterwards. Yesterday I went to bed with a headache - because of the tears, now my eyes were hurting because of the tears. By this post I'd like to share one song with you. It shows the feelings that I have (or had) for my grandma, because I can't describe them with words myself. I don't know if you know it, but it is Nan's Song, it's from Robbie Williams. He wrote it himself (the lyrics... he has got a co-chamber who writes the music.). To me it is such a sensitive song, that can bring me to tears, it says what I feel. I just adore it. 

For now I'm just a emotional wrack. Tears are floating, but it's okay. Thankfully I'm not the only one. Haha. So, now I'm glad I can get some rest, so I will, thankfully! 

Love, Yvonne

14 November, 2012



A little while ago I found a few images (through a website) and it where old images from the second world war. Those pictures should make man aware that prostitutes are wrong and shouldn't be seen with. They wanted to make men aware that a prostitute is 'hanging' around with many men. This are 2 of those pictures... 

I think it is weird, it isn't really of this time anymore. But I can understand the fact that they exist. Back in those days prostitutes where rare and not accepted. I'm glad times are changed... 
How do you think about this?

Love Yvonne

School assignment

Hi again,

I know, I'm publishing two posts in 10 minutes after a silence of 1,5 - 2 months. I know it's soon. But I'm doing it now, otherwise I'm about to forget it. For a assignment I had to make a shopping window. I'll be graduating in it - if I pass this year ofcourse. I wanted to show it to you. 

So, here it is! What do you think about it?  

Love, Yvonne


Dear readers,

Since christmas is upcoming (it's just less than a month to go), I found some creative ideas to make christmas decorations. As I really like to do stuff myself (I made my own christmas tree last year - I'll show you later), I found some of the following ideas really fun to try them out myself. 

This is a really easy one! It's really nice to put them on invitations for a christmas party or to hang on doors or so. Besides that it's really easy to scale them. You can make them as big as you want, you only need more fabrics. I think, as I see it has been glued, it has been done with a glue gun as how we call it in Holland. 

Well this is the second. I think I like this one best. I actually have no idea how to make it, since wool sticks to the paper if you glue it. On the other hand if you don't glue it, it wont be able to be stiff, so it would sag and that's just a thing that should be happening. If I could find a plastic or a synthetic one I wouldn't need to make it of paper. I'm gonna look around, look if I can find a cone so I can make it. I really love it! 

I really really like this one! It's so easy to make (or that seems to me) and you can make it as colorful as you want it. It is nice in the christmas tree, just put one or 2 in and you have some original decorations. For me this is something else to try out. I really like working with beads, I've got loads of them. I guess I would be able to make some of those. Me gusta, haha.

Well the last one. I think this is a very nice idea to put christmas cards on. Its very creative and you can (just with some the other ideas) make it as huge as you want it. It could be nice as just a christmas tree on a huge wall in your house, with some other christmas decorations. 

For me, what really works, is listening to christmas music. I'm doing it since the start of october or so. I really love the atmosphere that 'hangs' around christmas. It's cosy, getting cold outside and a good reason to watch a movie at night, with a blanket and a huge mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream (I don't like whipped cream, but the idea... haha). It's a nice time to spend time with family, friends and having a good time, enjoying a warm fire at the fireplace. As I actually don't like cold weather I'm always looking out for my birthday (March 20th), which is usually the last day of the winter. Just for the christmas days I like to make an exception. It's the only time to accept snow - for me then. 

Well that's christmas for me, for now.  I think I'll show you the results if I made one or more of these ideas.

Love, Yvonne

PS. For more ideas: I found most of those ideas at the facebook page of Different Solutions, a nice 'little' company from Mexico (I think so anyway).