24 June, 2012

Wall of Shame

Hello everybody!!!

Well it has been such a long time!! It has almost been a month, its un-be-lieve-able!!

Since then I've been doing several things for school, had a house-party of my mom (my youngest cousin of 8 made this sweet drawing of three pieces of paper big!! Soooooo sweet!), lost my mobile phone (its horrible!!), burned my fingers on steel and felt off my bike (YEAH, I felt of my bike, which is unusual for me, I hardly fall off of my bike, thankfully). Meanwhile I'm doing absolutely great.

For me it will be my last week with classes for the summerbreak: in 2 weeks I will have my summerholiday for 7 weeks. There will happen a lot: there will be a partyweek in a village near, i'll go to the campsite for a week, where we went last year and some birthdays... and that is just a bit of what will happen!! But I'll be less busy than that I'm now, thankfully!

So I hope to speak to you soon, with more exciting news to share!!


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