27 June, 2012

Last few things for this schoolyear


Well good news: 

My schoolyear is almost over!!! I made some stuff where I'm actually pretty happy about! It's so weird to see al those people who weren't in my class last year, are better than you. I have to redo my year (as I might have told), so all those people are new, they have the first 2 years, done in 1. Pretty amazing how good they are!! 

So tomorrow is my last assignment that I have to do, or in any case for my practical classes anyway. I'll show you some stuff...

So as you can see, there hangs a American Flag in it. It is because In Holland the American flag is hip as a shawl. I think its pretty funny if there are just a few of them, but everybody is walking with them. So I don't like them anymore! Haha. 

Well, since I'm in my bed, I might gonna use it as where it is made for: to go sleep on... 

I'll see ya later!!


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