27 June, 2012

Last few things for this schoolyear


Well good news: 

My schoolyear is almost over!!! I made some stuff where I'm actually pretty happy about! It's so weird to see al those people who weren't in my class last year, are better than you. I have to redo my year (as I might have told), so all those people are new, they have the first 2 years, done in 1. Pretty amazing how good they are!! 

So tomorrow is my last assignment that I have to do, or in any case for my practical classes anyway. I'll show you some stuff...

So as you can see, there hangs a American Flag in it. It is because In Holland the American flag is hip as a shawl. I think its pretty funny if there are just a few of them, but everybody is walking with them. So I don't like them anymore! Haha. 

Well, since I'm in my bed, I might gonna use it as where it is made for: to go sleep on... 

I'll see ya later!!


25 June, 2012


Hello everyone!!

Well for a few years I know a very nice tumblrpage, it is called Fuckyeahhotboys, now last year the owner stopped posting pictures of -guess what- hot boys/man. Now a few days ago I was surfing over the web and back at the tunblr page anddddd they just started posting again!! I'm soooo glad that they started again!! Now we can enjoy the nice view of goodlooking man, especially -like in my case- when your single, haha.
I guess everyone can use some nice guys!! Fuck yeah hot boys!


24 June, 2012

Wall of Shame

Hello everybody!!!

Well it has been such a long time!! It has almost been a month, its un-be-lieve-able!!

Since then I've been doing several things for school, had a house-party of my mom (my youngest cousin of 8 made this sweet drawing of three pieces of paper big!! Soooooo sweet!), lost my mobile phone (its horrible!!), burned my fingers on steel and felt off my bike (YEAH, I felt of my bike, which is unusual for me, I hardly fall off of my bike, thankfully). Meanwhile I'm doing absolutely great.

For me it will be my last week with classes for the summerbreak: in 2 weeks I will have my summerholiday for 7 weeks. There will happen a lot: there will be a partyweek in a village near, i'll go to the campsite for a week, where we went last year and some birthdays... and that is just a bit of what will happen!! But I'll be less busy than that I'm now, thankfully!

So I hope to speak to you soon, with more exciting news to share!!