23 May, 2012



As I'm sitting here, writing a new article, I am actually at school. I know I should'nt be doing this, because it's not really school bussiness or so, but I really love to share this pictures with you.

This picture i found on a other blog, from a young woman who made this glasses look fancy. She did it with nailpolish, it looks soooo cool!! She just did it with cotton swabs (I just dont know the word for sure, I got it through google translate, haha.) and different nailpolish colors!! I adore it!!

 This tree is just made on a wall, with a fineliner or some paint and paper! It totally looks like a big building!!

 This image was just cool!! All the colors, the same windcatchers, and all right behind each other! Than you see the sea... It's just right!

 This sweet cabinet was hand made by another blogger. I like the way she combinates the idea to make something herself which looks old and something that is old (I guess so). It will look expensive withouth it so is...

This eating sign looks lovely above a diningroom - table. The table might be used to other stuff, but this looks cool... Haha.

 This quilt looks like one that my mom has got! Only the pillows looks different, but the total looks really sweet!!

Wat does inspire you? If you make something ofcourse...


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