26 May, 2012


Well it's still coming closer!!

The hours are ticking away, while I'm grabbing my bags, sort out stuff, searching for my air bed and stuff...
In this heat I woke up this morning, feeling sick, headache, stomach ache... Oh no!! Just before Pinkpop!! Men, that was hell, yes it was H-E-L-L. But that doesn't stop me from going there, ofcourse. I mean, come on, I finally have the chance to go to bands like Keane, to go to Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band! I never thought I would!! So, I'm really excited, really looking forward, for the last 12-14 hours. Hahaha.

Well dear followers,
You won't hear from next couple of days, soooo, thanks for reading,

Till tuesday!!


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