22 May, 2012

Colorful Homes


Yesterday I had a great housewarming party... My mom moved, so that had to be celebrated, hahaha. So I thought, lets come up with some interior designs.

For myself, I loveeeee color. Mostly the happy colors (red, orange, yellow, pink, purple). But sometimes its good to use green and blue, as a equivalent to the happy colors and the black and white tones. Black and white are often a good basis for an interior, those 'non'-colors (black and white aren't colors,  due the lack of pigments.) can be combined with everything. Besides that, white is making rooms bigger and more filled with light. 

A bad side to the white is, is that its sterile and dirty very quickly. White is not very clever to use if you have kids: those are very playful, they often like to draw and stuff. 
A inconvenient side to the black is that black (and other dark colors) are making rooms smaller, they make rooms look smaller than that they really are. 

For myself I love to work with colors. If I'm getting dressed, I often use black as a basis, then put something rich colored or so on it. In my room I like to use white, it makes it look bigger, brighter. Than some rich colored stuff in it, pillows and that kind of things. 

What do you like in your room? Or in your house?? Do you like color or do you use only black, white and brown things?? 
Just let me know! I can use it as a inspiration to other blogs!


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