30 May, 2012



I said HELL-OOH-OOH...

Well actually more the goodbye to Pinkpop, sadly enough. 
I had a great time, having fun at Pinkpop, Megaland Landgraaf... I've seen many artists, but the ones who where the best where bruce springsteen and the e streetband/keane... they where AWESOME.


26 May, 2012


Well it's still coming closer!!

The hours are ticking away, while I'm grabbing my bags, sort out stuff, searching for my air bed and stuff...
In this heat I woke up this morning, feeling sick, headache, stomach ache... Oh no!! Just before Pinkpop!! Men, that was hell, yes it was H-E-L-L. But that doesn't stop me from going there, ofcourse. I mean, come on, I finally have the chance to go to bands like Keane, to go to Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band! I never thought I would!! So, I'm really excited, really looking forward, for the last 12-14 hours. Hahaha.

Well dear followers,
You won't hear from next couple of days, soooo, thanks for reading,

Till tuesday!!


24 May, 2012


Heya dear followers!!

Next weekend I'm about to go to Pinkpop. Pinkpop is this huge festival in the southern of Holland, where Dutch and international artists preform. There are few things I cant choose between (they have 3 stages and 2 of them are always playing at the same time), but there are definitely I NEED to see...

Does anyone know who's sexy ass this is?

RIGHT! It is Bruce Springsteen's ass, when he was young (then I'm talking about 20-30 years ago)! I really am soooooo excited to go there! My sister won weekend tickets, which usually costs 160 euro's per ticket!! So she won 4 of them! Thats around 600 euro's!! Thats SO MUCH!! Hahaha! We really love to see Bruce Springsteen. This is what he looks like now adays.

Still a pretty guy, right? I know I'm only 20 and he is like 50+ but some guys are just getting old pretty (Jude Law, Hugh Grand, Collin Firth)... I think does... anyway. Further I would love to see James Morrisson and Keane... 

James Morrison

The dudies from Keane. 

Now I am still doubting about things like The Ting Tings - Ben Howard and Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings - The Wombats... pretty tough choosing between music!! Hahaha. 

Doesn't anybody love music? 



Hello you pretty fellowers!!

I found those sweet pictures (yes, on http://www.froot.nl again) about nerdy love!! Haha, they are so sweet and easy!! 

They are very pointed to the things geeks and nerds (which is the same thing, actually, haha) like. Like maths, science and that kind of stuff. Not that everyone that loves math, science or something is a geek or a nerd, but though.

 Sooo crispy!! Hahaha, there are so many sparks!

Well how do you think about it? Would you send such imagine to a good friend of yours??
Please tell me!!


23 May, 2012


Well just Hello!

I found this images a while ago. This artist is going by the name of Moonywolf. It's a young woman (Khao Le) and from Vietnam, not that makes sense to the pretty things she's making. They are a bit freaky, so you're warned.... 

They are pretty, good looking and ingenious. It's very detailed... You can watch it many times and see something totally new. 
You can watch more of her work at http://moonywolf.deviantart.com/gallery/

Social media

Hello! I just wanted to say that you can follow me on twitter @yvonnewint92 My facebook is going by the name of yvonnewint92 And ofcourse for the Dutch readers of my blog Ik heb hyves! (I've got hyves, a dutch kind of facebook) You can find me at yvonne winters Just wanted to say, haha! Xxx



As I'm sitting here, writing a new article, I am actually at school. I know I should'nt be doing this, because it's not really school bussiness or so, but I really love to share this pictures with you.

This picture i found on a other blog, from a young woman who made this glasses look fancy. She did it with nailpolish, it looks soooo cool!! She just did it with cotton swabs (I just dont know the word for sure, I got it through google translate, haha.) and different nailpolish colors!! I adore it!!

 This tree is just made on a wall, with a fineliner or some paint and paper! It totally looks like a big building!!

 This image was just cool!! All the colors, the same windcatchers, and all right behind each other! Than you see the sea... It's just right!

 This sweet cabinet was hand made by another blogger. I like the way she combinates the idea to make something herself which looks old and something that is old (I guess so). It will look expensive withouth it so is...

This eating sign looks lovely above a diningroom - table. The table might be used to other stuff, but this looks cool... Haha.

 This quilt looks like one that my mom has got! Only the pillows looks different, but the total looks really sweet!!

Wat does inspire you? If you make something ofcourse...


22 May, 2012

Fantastic Artists

A while ago I was just looking around at www.froot.nl, a cool website where I surf around many times... They have those cool pictures, art and really funny stuff... So on a moment I found those portraits of Sandhi Schimmel Gold (http://www.schimmelart.com/). She makes this wonderfull pieces of art, with old paper. 

What she makes are portraits of well known artists like Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga and Madonna. I think they look sooooooo awesome!! Well thought!! I mean, you have to think about it! How do you think about this kind of portraits? Would you like to have it in your livingroom?

Just let me know!! 


Colorful Homes


Yesterday I had a great housewarming party... My mom moved, so that had to be celebrated, hahaha. So I thought, lets come up with some interior designs.

For myself, I loveeeee color. Mostly the happy colors (red, orange, yellow, pink, purple). But sometimes its good to use green and blue, as a equivalent to the happy colors and the black and white tones. Black and white are often a good basis for an interior, those 'non'-colors (black and white aren't colors,  due the lack of pigments.) can be combined with everything. Besides that, white is making rooms bigger and more filled with light. 

A bad side to the white is, is that its sterile and dirty very quickly. White is not very clever to use if you have kids: those are very playful, they often like to draw and stuff. 
A inconvenient side to the black is that black (and other dark colors) are making rooms smaller, they make rooms look smaller than that they really are. 

For myself I love to work with colors. If I'm getting dressed, I often use black as a basis, then put something rich colored or so on it. In my room I like to use white, it makes it look bigger, brighter. Than some rich colored stuff in it, pillows and that kind of things. 

What do you like in your room? Or in your house?? Do you like color or do you use only black, white and brown things?? 
Just let me know! I can use it as a inspiration to other blogs!


20 May, 2012


Well this afternoon I've made brownie... I made it, because my mom has got her housewarming of her new 'house'. So I was busy with it, putted it cupcake cups and baked it... now I've tasted a brownie and it tasted delicious but it looked awful! Haha, they are so ugly! :P.

Do you all like brownie? I surely love it!! Especially home made!!


Salvador Dali


For school I have to make this assignment to search for 5 different paintings of 5 different artists. So one of the paintings I choose was Paysage aux Papillons, a painting by Salvador Dali. It means Landscape with Butterfly's (paysage is landscape, papillons is butterfly's. Papillon is butterfly). This is the painting: 

I really like the warm colors, the way its painted and the unusual presentation. I mean: how often would you see butterfly's in a desert? Never right? So I choose this one... I hope my teacher is gonna like my choice and the part I've been writing with it... It is gonna be a big review... Haha.  

How do you think about it? Do you like it?


19 May, 2012


Well since my Zodiac-sign thingie is Pisces (vissen =  mijn horoscoop), 

And I just want to have a tattoo, but I have no money, so I'll wait. But I've got my design done, so I'm gonna show you. Hope you like it :) 

What do you think about it?